14 janvier 2017
3 octobre 2014


I worked on this project as a Game Designer

We developped this game in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2017. The theme was"Waves" that could be understood as water waves but also waves in music. We decided to included the wave dancing move that is quite funny!

We decided to create a rythm game with feedbacks, that we often forget in game jams. We wanted the game to be funny and the most complete as possible. We might continue to work on it a little bit because we simply LOVE IT!
As there is the word wave in Retro Wave Music, we just couldn't forget all the things that are connected to this music genre in terms of design, light etc.
The player has to stack robots according to the position of their left hand so they can keep on dancing for ever and ever! That player must stack them pay attention to the music to do so, get the maximum score and create the longest dancing wave dance chain as possible!

Fact Sheet
Title: Dancing Madness
Platform: PC
Genre: Rythm
Theme: Waves
Controls: Keyboard
Engine: Unity 5