23 janvier 2017
13 janvier 2017


I worked on this project as a Game Designer

We developped this game in 24h during the Blend Game Jam 2015 (that took place during the Blend Web Mix event in Lyon). The topic was "Most addictive mobile game" and the theme "Nom de Zeus" which is what the Dr Emmett Brown says in Back to the future ("Great Scott!" in the original version).
And you know what? We won the Jam!
We decided to create a simple game that makes the player play over and over as soon as he looses. We made a leaderboard to create competition and put forward the addictive side.
Furthermore, we chose an isometric view and a simple art direction so we could focus on the mechanics and spare the player from being disctracted.

The player embodies Zeus, who needs to repel the enemies who are trying to put an end to his great power: the sacred thunder fire.
The player must tap the enemies to repel them in order to unleash his power when its is big enough and eliminate them once and for all!

Fact Sheet
Title: Dethunder
Platform: Android
Genre: Arcade
Theme: Great Scott! / addictive
Controls: Screen touch
Engine: Unity 5