SHARP – The New Jungle Book

13 janvier 2017
27 décembre 2015

SHARP – The New Jungle Book

I worked on this project as a Game Designer and Project Manager

During our 2nd year in Game Design, we were given the whole year to design a concept , write a Game Design Document and develop a prototype. We decided to adpat the project of Anne QUENTON.
It is a transposition of the original story of Mowgli into North America, in a post-apocalyptic world where animals became humanoïds.

The player embodies Mooglie, a young woman left in the woods as a baby and raised by wolves.
The player is going to take revenge on Mowgli's nemesis: Shere Khan.
The player will track and hunt his enemies, he has the choice to kill anyone standing on its way or play like an assassin.

Some mechanics
Bow, kick and backstab: Mooglie fights with a bow but she can also kick the close opponents or kill them with a backstab ability
Arrows: the player can use different arrows at any time: fire, explosive, whistling, toxic and double
Combo System: the player will get ammo by fulfilling combos, involving killling enemies
Animal Instinct: the player can mark one enemy at a time, detect interactive objects and reveal the position of the enemies

Fact Sheet
Title: Sharp - The New Jungle Book
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS action / adventure
Mod: Solo
Target audience: 16-35 years-old
Tool: Unreal Engine 4