SHARP – The New Jungle Book
2 octobre 2014
13 janvier 2017


I worked on this project as a Game Designer and Level Designer

We created this game during the Label Jam 2015.

We were given 2 days to create a game according to a song by Everlast entitled Stone in my hand.
We decided to go for a fast fighting game where two players play against each other rather than a game with serious content the song deals with.

Two players must throw rocks at each other to knock-out the other one. You can dodge, you can stun your opponent to steal his rocks and try to escape his revenge by hiding or protecting yourself with a bin lid. The fights take place in a funny environment mixing a bouncy castle and a sandbox!

Fact Sheet
Title: Stoon
Platform: PC
Genre: Top down fighting game
Controls: Gamepad
Engine: Unity 5