27 décembre 2015


I worked on this project as a Game Designer and Project manager

We were a group of 5 students to create this mobile game in 5 weeks, this is a game concept.

The aim of this exercise was to create a Free To Play Game, the biggest part was to make a viable financial model.

The player plays as a hip-hop label owner and must recruit new rappers to make money.
Then, he can train them, promote them and make featurings with other rappers so they upgrade and gain even more money!
There is also a clicker part in the game where the player produces the albums from the label. When he clicks, the production goes faster. The albums are stocked in trucks. When trucks are full, the player needs to tap them to sell the whole production and get an empty truck, otherwise, the production is stopped.

We choose a funny hip-hop theme because we wanted to make a game that could both speak to a large section of players and to a niche that could pay more.

Fact Sheet
Title: Street Biz
Platform: Mobile, tablet
Genre: Clicker, upgrade
Controls: Tap screen
Engine: Unity 5